The Parade Cinema on Fort Hill opened on 26th June 1911. Typical of a purpose-built cinema of its era, it had a barrel vaulted ceiling, and all seating was on a single floor. The right-hand side of the auditorium was extended beyond the main body of the auditorium, which gave a distorted view onto the screen for seating on that side. A sliding roof was provided for ventilation. The Parade Cinema was renovated in 1937.


By 1952, it had been taken over by the Classic Cinemas chain, and was re-named Classic Repertory Cinema. It was closed in 1963, and became a Vogue Bingo Club.

From July 1979 to November 1981, it went back to cinema use as a 16mm cinema club screening uncensored sex films, and was operated as the New Parade Cinema.


In 1982, it was converted into a snooker club. A false ceiling has been inserted in the auditorium, hiding the original barrel vaulted ceiling, and the main entrance has been partially bricked in. Lastly it was known as the Thanet Matchroom Social Club.


In 2013 The Old Kent Market begins construction on the site of the old Parade cinema and is being restored to incorporate the building's history and heritage.